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vehicles and just a moments ago, we were allowed to get closer and we want to show you how devastating the crash is and we have video close up of the accident scene involving a metro bus, a pickup truck and several other vehicles. one of the suvs involved in this truck and bus accident was compressed to nearly half of the size. very devastating. fire officials confirm there is one fatality, i was told, by a metro official, that it was not a passenger on the bus. this was the j-9 bus, headed to lake forest mall this afternoon when they became involved in an accident. when we got closer, we were able to see that that metrobus was pressed up against a fence and trees and a neighbor's yard. the truck involve south dakotaways across northbound rockville pike and there were several other vehicles that were involved that were also on the side of the road, part of
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the investigation. and to recap for you, at least 10 people were vented to the hospital and the assistant fire chief richard bowers told us the injuries range from very minor to very serious, and there is at least one fatality. the chief wants to remind people that this section of rockville peek will be shut down for several hours while we investigate the fatal crash. back to you in the studio, shawn. >> audrey barnes for the latest out of bethesda. thank you. and to a news alert out of northwest d.c. a woman is recovering after being kidnapped and sexual assaulted said said a van. she got out of the van and he pulled out a knife and forced her into the vehicle. the man was wearing a mask so she didn't get a good look at his face. she dropped hear off in northwest delafield. anyone with information call police. a major development in the gop presidential primary. according to cnn, newt gingrich
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said fraud is the reason why he won't be sore not on the virginia ballot. gingrich reportedly said 1500 of the signatures he turned in were voided after being fraudulently collected by a paid campaign worker. the candidates need to submit 10,000ing iss to get on the virginia ballot. ron paul and mitt romney made it on time. with six days to go before the first caucus of the 2012 presidential race, a new war opened up on the air waves. tom fitzgerald is back now. some of this is new territory for the republicans. >> reporter: ronald reagan used to say the 11th commandment that was no republican should speak ill of another republican. with the current republican race still without one solid front-runner, the iowa caucuses are up for grabs as the gop campaigns are throwing new money and new energy going after voters and each other. less than a week until iowa's caucus and republicans are going negative. >> it's about serial hypocrisy. >> reporter: ron paul went after newt gingrich, but he's
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in the alone. >> they had someone who is a massachusetts moderate. >> reporter: mitt romney didn't like that description of him, so he's firing back. >> if enough of us demandak from our leaders. >> together we can do this. >> reporter: romney is using an environmental ad gingrich once made with nancy pelosi and others seem to be more focused on attacks rather than moving the country forward. >> reporter: and while gingrich claims to be on the high road, rick perry is running down every candidate who ever worked inside the beltway. >> if washington's a problem, why trust a -- to fix it? >> reporter: this month, republicans brought $10 million of iowa airtime, broken down, that is 1.1 million by romney, 2.8 million by a romney superpack, 1.4 million by paul, 2.9 million by perry, and another 1.3 million from a perry superpack. >> i think iowa is more important this year than it is in past years. >> reporter: american university professor allen
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lickman said with romney leading in new hampshire, iowa's first caucus could be some candidates last chance. >> and still, you know, five, six candidates, all of whom have dreams that lightning could strike and they could somehow be the nominee, but they realize that this is not like in new hampshire, so it's got to strike out there on the great plains in iowa. >> reporter: and without a strong national front-run every, the campaigns are betting the big dollars are spending on ads to pay off in big numbers at the iowa polls. and despite all of the money that they spent, one candidate decided to avoid iowa altogether. john huntsman has not been campaigning or airing any ads in the hawkeye state but is focusing on new hampshire. he won't have to wait long to catch up with his fellow candidates, shawn. the new hampshire primary is one week after iowa's voting on tuesday. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you very much. it's no secret parking
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enforcement in the district of columbia is aggressive. a new report shows the district is writing about 5300 tickets a day and that means d.c. brought in more than $80 million last year on parking tickets. the city recently added new speed cameras, which will raise $10 million in revenue every year. and a local group is ready to fight congress over the d.c. war memorial. the structure was recently refurbished and congress is considering making it the national world war 1 memorial. the association of the oldest inhas been hands of -- inhabitants of d.c. say that is not fair. here's more. about mr. brown, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, shape, for inviting me to in to tell the viewers about the history of the war memorial and this memorial. >> explain why you don't want it to be the national world ward i memorial. >> there were several initiatives in congress, the 1 11th in congress and 112th congress in the senate and in
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the house. two, the centennial period from world war i, coming up from 2014 to 2018 or so and among the articles in the pieces of legislation is a suggestion that once a commission is established to set up the commemorative functions and all, that one of the things they do dois name the district war memorial to the district of columbia and national world war i memorial. and we think this is wrong on a couple of fronts. number one, initially, the d.c. war memorial was the d.c. war memorial, contains the names of 499 d.c. residents, men and women, black and white, and all ranks who served in all branches of the military who died in world war i. of the 26,000 d.c. residents that served, their names are all listed alphabetically without with regard to their rank, rate, or sex.
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>> and i also understand this is mostly funded with money coming from the distribute, not federal funds. >> absolutely. in fact, as the period was winding down in 1927, the memorial was dedicated on armistice day in 1931, a little over 80 years ago, i was reading a piece from the "washington post" back in 1927 that said that they were all -- so close, they only needed 12,000 a few more dollars change to make up the deficit that they needed to get construction underway and that every school child in the district of columbia had contributed a nickle and some there are than that and to make up the 12,000 deficit, they were asking every resident of the district of columbia to donate one more dollar and they were going to call it dollar day so that everyone could make up the $12,000 deficit so the construction of the memorial could get underway in time for president hoofer to be at its
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dedication on armistice day in 1931. >> we can hear your passion and the plight of your organization. william brown, the president of the the organization is of the oldest inhabitants of d.c., thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. the capitol reflecting pool is switching hands for security reasons. "the washington post" reports the ay ticket of the capital will oversee union square and that includes the pool. it's been undernational park service control since the 1930s and a park service spokesman reportedly said the office is surprised by the transfer. and well your kids may think it's fun but skateboarding is about to get real serious. why one town could send skateboarders straight to the police station. and windy today, breezy this evening. you down there? >> and thank you very much. talk about great injustices and there is one in virginia. what people are saying about
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london fletcher not making the pro bowl and has coach outspoken. ken. m and be invisible!
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>> if you heard about a gunman at northern virginia community college, it was just a drill and 200 emergency workers gathered to practice the response to a real emergency like a shooting on campus. virginia state and fairfax county police participated in the exercise. skate boarding could be a crime. the police are asking the city to consider making it a criminal offense to biker's skate goring -- skateboarding in restricted areas. the mayor and body are discussing the issue tonight. anthony wiener, kim kardashian, charlie sheen -- they may all want to forget 2011. the year's most memorable
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scandals. and first, forest gump is now a national treasure. the library of congress chose the award-winning movie for the national film registry. bambi and silence of the lambs will be preserved. it's the biggest archives of film, tv, and music. sic. @
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>> 2011. a year of scandals. some made us laugh, some made us cringe. here's more. >> reporter: 2011, a year of scandals ranging from the silly to the sickenning. there were plenty of surprises and some ugly shocks. >> is there anyone -- . >> charlie sheen claimed he was winning but he looked like
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hollywood's biggest loser. after hurling vial insults at his bosses and arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver, their 25-year marriage terminated after he fathered the housekeeper's son. new york congressman anthony wiener resigns after tweeting lewd pictures of himself to women. former democratic presidential candidate john edwards indicted on charges he used illegal campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress. and republican candidate herman cane suspending his -- herman cain suspending his campaign after denying sexual allegations and infidelity. in new york, a hotel maid accused the head of the international monetary fund, dominique dawes-cop, of tee. dom nike strauss-kahn of attempted rape. in operation fast and furious, federal agents lost track of more than 1,000 guns they
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intended to trace from their illegal purchase in arizona until they reached drug cartels in mexico two lost guns were found in arizona where a u.s. border patrol agent died in a shootout. the attorney eric holder calls fast and furious deeply flawed but knew little about it while it was underway. mistreatment of our war dead. for years the air force was cremating partial remains and dumping the ashes in a landfill with families never knowing. all part of the mismanagement at the motor areaate dover air force base in delaware. crime and punishment. hedge fund manager roger rotnaum sentenced to 11 years in prison, the record for insider trading. >> i would like to say in one sentence, this is the most humble bay day of my life. >> rupert murdoch shuts "news of the world," the paper accused of hacking the phones
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of celebrities, politicians, and the voice mail of a murdered teenager. murdoch's news corporation parent company of fox news. syracuse university assistant basketball coach bernie fine is fired after men say he molested them as boys. fine said he's innocent and jerry sandusky, the former penn state football coach, charged with sexually abusing a number of boys he said he was mentoring. the head coach joe paterno and other top officials force out for failing to alert police after an assistant said that he told them he believed he saw sandusky molesting a child. stay with fox for the latest on penn state and all of the scandals in 2012. in new york, i'm rick fulbaum, fox news. >> and the news is not over yet. >> it is not. a few more days. >> for the scandals to come in. >> that's right. >> and hopefully the next few days are pleasant into 2012. >> and not tomorrow but cloudier. >> okay. >> and i think we'll have some 50s before we close out 2011.
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>> yeah. that is right and as we nto thi second. into all of this, we will talk about the fact that it's breezy out there. dress for it and most of the evening will be, too. the wins are staned at national, northwest at 49 miles an hour and we're getting gusts out there up over 20 miles an hour and occasionally the winds will come down with a setting sun and not necessarily the case today. what is causing the winds is not going to go away with the sunsetting like. that 39, gaithersburg is dropping and 32. dulles is 36; monasses, 36; and along i-81, a very, very cold out there. frostburg, an inch, inch and a half of snow with the snow that is come in and this is a frontal system coming through
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and on the back side of the system last night, it picked up snow and some today as well. the wind chill, this is what it will get this -- get you this evening, 26 the way it feels like in gaithersburg and not too terribly much colder with the wind chills down to the south. the winds are lighter down there and hagerstown, feels like 21 and in martinsburg, 28; winchester, 27. and wrapping it up this evening. i want to show you across the nation. this is hard to believe when you think about what we're seeing here. even international falls is 23 degrees and last week in december, that is not bad for them. fargo is 38 and it's pretty mild into texas. the deep south is not too terribly bad. atlanta is 48 degrees and wilmington is 49. the temperatures are not, not indicative of where we should be. for the most part and the last week of the year. i want to say this. there is the cold air in canada and that is pooling up there and looks like all things are
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set to make a run for the east coast by early next week. the first week of 2012, and that looks like it's going to be a cold one around here. again, the storm track now shifted a bit and that is basically working from west to east across the nation and we're sitting really right into that stormtrack here on the mid- atlantic and we'll have a series of fast-moving storms coming across the next few days and that is meaning more sun, more clouds and sun, pardon me, and we'll have at least an opportunity here and there for maybe a few light rain showers from time to time and maybe even a snowflake, depending on the timing until these fast- moving storm comes across and no major storms in the offering. i don't see that and that is not on the long-rage model. twentys in the suburbs, bottoming out around 30 here in town and if the winds lighten up. chilly tomorrow and we'll end
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the day, becoming mostly cloudy and temperatures tomorrow, without the wind and in to some middle 40s, last friday of the year, 54 degrees. happy new year, new year's eve, 51 and that is looking nice. the first day of 2012, and that is looks like temperatures in the 50s or so. dave feldman is coming back with sports. stay with us, the edge will continue. 
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>> i want to keep you up to date on the developing news in bethesda, maryland. a metro bus crashed, more than a dozen people in the hospital near the neh campus. audrey barnes spoke with an eyewitness and joins us live with the latest. audrey? >> reporter: i just talked to samir who lives in front of the accident scene. he was outside of the home trying to secure items blowing in the wind. just as the metro bus careens across rockville pike and slams into a tree and fence in front of the house, he said it was
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the most terrifying thing he's experienced and he said that people were coming, jumping off of the bus injured, limping, and he also said that he went up to a driver of one of the cars involveed and that man was pinned against the steering wheel. he said he put his hand on to the man's nose and he detected no signs of good evening. we're told there is one fatality here at the accident scene and several serious injuries. all of the people have been transported to the hospital but they say that rockville pike will be shut down for hours. back to you. >> thank you, much more on fox 5 news at 10. good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. of the 84 players that made the pro bowl this year, 65 came from winning teams. for instance, the niners support eight, the patriots and the redskins, as we know by now, had none. no lorenzo alexander, no brian arapahoe and no london
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fletcher. the 36-year-old london fletcher is doing anything but slowing down. the nfl's leading tackler with 163 and with that fumble and sacks, never missed the game in the 13 years as a starter and has been an alternate 10 times now and up like 2008, he took this year's news calmly. >> the thing is that i was disappointed for an hour or two and when the results came out. after, that i was thankful that people consider me. >> he is deserveing of being a pro bowl player and is that first alternate and means a lot of people are voting for you
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and there is no question in my mind. >> he was not supposed to reveal that he was alternate, but he was disappointed fletcher was not named a starter and set it anyway. and this afternoon, toledo taking on the air force academy. the second quarter, air force kicking off, trailing 14-7 and from that group of blockers and breaks free. the fourth can score returning this year. the third quarter tied and with that barn burner, 28-28. 12th-ranked georgetown on the road against number four louisville. the cardinals are 12-0 and hoyas off of a win against memphis and georgetown starting the season the fifthivate year. the head coach was asked if the team was ready for the
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challenge. >> and we'll see. they're one of the best teams in the country, one of the most difficult places, the place. and they have more energy at home than they do on the road. and in terms of being ready, i think you're ready, yes, and you're ready to play the games. >> alex lynn makes his debut from maryland and albany and hosting alabama-birmingham and the wizards looking for the first win in tant. >> -- atlanta. thanks for joining us tonight. as we leave you, we're going to look at the crash site on rockville pike. avoid this area if at all possible and this is south of the beltway and that is going to be closed for hours. 
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